BTS’ $6.53 Million Home Is As Plush As You’d Expect

Aramide Tinubu
BTS’ $6.53 Million Home Is As Plush As You’d Expect

BTS has been taking their sensational music all across the globe. However, when Jungkook, Jin, V, RM, Suga, J-Hope, and Jimin are at home in South Korea, they have a special place where they rest and relax. BTS’ new $6.53 million house is modern, dreamy, and very plush. We already know that the seven guys do everything together– and since their debut in 2013, they had been living together in a very cramped apartment. During an SBS MTV show aka South Korea’s MTV, we got a glimpse of BTS’ former living situation. They were all living in that tiny apartment that was full of shoes and several bunk beds. However, in November 2017– the guys got a major upgrade, acquiring a suite in the most expensive complex in the country. Here’s what we know about their shiny new digs.

The Location

BTS suite is in Hannam THE HILL in Yongsan-gu, Seoul–a plush and central location in the city. BTS aren’t the only famous faces who you might come across at THE HILL. Music executives, actors, and business executives also have suites in the luxurious complex. In addition to the compound being near the city, it’s also very close to two major tourist attractions, the Han River and Mount Namsan.

It’s a massive complex with 600 units in 32 different buildings.

The Suite Layout

Though there are seven members in BTS, their suite is relatively modest in terms of space. This is because they are often traveling, and they don’t seem to mind bunking together. According to the Korean Times who was able to snag BTS’ suite floorplans–the apartment has three bedrooms, including a master bedroom, two bathrooms, a living room, and two kitchens. Clearly, food is most important to the Love Yourself singers.

The central kitchen is connected to the mini kitchen, which has just a dishwasher and a stovetop; we guess cooking for seven is quite the experience.

In total, BTS’ million dollar home is just over 3,229 square feet. In addition to the amenities within their personal suite, the complex grants BTS access to a gym, a golf range, swimming pool, and around the clock medical care.

Sigh, we are we so poor?

Why do BTS still live together?

BTS is all in their 20s–and at this point, because they are together all of the time, we would have assumed they might want to have their own individual homes. Many other K-Pop group members choose to live separately once they make it big. However, according to Ilgan Sports, “The seven members of BTS have built a strong bond after living together in a small house.” Just because they’ve gone mainstream doesn’t mean they’ve suddenly people these brand new entitled people.

This Is Why BTS Chose THE HILL

In addition to its ideal location and the amenities, BTS choose THE HILL because of the security that the complex offered. It’s not only comfortable, but it also keeps them safe. We all know that some ARMY members are a bit overzealous. After all, BTS’ net worth has increased exponentially over the past several years. Also, it really just does make things hella convenient when it comes to call times, flights, schedules, and things of the sort.