Jungkook in Skinny Jeans Is the Best Thing to Come Out of BTS’ HomeFest Performance

Photo: Christopher Polk/Rolling Stone/Shutterstock.

Sorry James Corden, but due to personal reasons, the only thing we’re focusing on out of BTS’ Homefest performance is Jungkook. ARMYs pretty much lost it when the BTS boys showed up to perform on the Late Late Show special on March 30, especially in no small part thanks to Kookie and his…legs. Clad in an all-black ensemble, right down to his insanely *tight* skinny jeans, Jungkook pretty much stole the show.

OK, not entirely. ARMYs were generally psyched to see the Bangtan Boys pull up for a rendition of “Boy With Luv” on Corden’s show—as always, their choreography put our living room TikTok dances to shame. The performance came as something of a surprise for most, given that the BTS guys already performed pretty recently on Corden’s show. In Jan. 2019, they hit the stage for their first “Black Swan” performance, whereas in Feb. 2019, they cramped together for Corden’s Carpool Karaoke series.

All appearances were fantastic, obviously. But let it be known that many of us have a real thing for Jungkook’s ‘fits, let alone the rare pant that features his freakishly long legs. There are Twitter accounts dedicated to them (hello, @jungkookslegs), and threads exposing the otherworldly fact that this man is essentially 90% leg.

And after last night’s performance, “there were a whole lot of comments in favor of #Jungkook, who wore a black ensemble and some seriously tight skinny jeans,” writes Twitter user @YuJuHee2, “with many not realizing just how long his legs are!” See? So forgive us if we can’t seem to get over this after his last performance.

ARMYs all over the Twitterverse started swarming BTS’ mentions with Kookie leg commentary pretty much instantly following their Late Late Show takeover. Given that the show airs at 12:35 A.M. ET on CBS, ARMYs like Twitter user @yoongisteef said it best: “whyd [sic] i wake up at 3 am and yall where [sic] trending jungkooks legs.” Well, even those legs won’t wait for anyone.

Read on below for some of the best reactions to Jungkook’s legs. We’re thankful for these distractions in an otherwise wild time!