BTS Sang “Home” At Muster #5 & It Was Beyond Meaningful

Photo: Shutterstock.

BTS fans are elated and are making sure Twitter knows it. The boys of BTS performed “Home” at their fifth Muster two days ago, and the debut was very special. The song, from their Map of Soul: Persona album was released in April 2019, holds an important meaning for two of the seven K-Pop band members. The performance, which took place on the first day of their Muster in Busan, South Korea, was particularly poignant for Jimin and Jungkook, who both hail from Busan. There’s a reason the boys waited to perform the fifth song on their album—they were waiting for this moment. Singing “Home” in your hometown, it doesn’t get more special than that, right? And fans have literally been ~dying!~ to see this song performed live, so it was the perfect time.

The audience understood what a significant moment it was for both the ARMY and BTS—just listen to the crowd in the videos. Naturally, Twitter has blown up (how many times can BTS get trending on Twitter? The limit does not seem to exist). BTS loves their fans and this is made evident through the lyrics of their hit song. The band sings about how their fans—the ARMY—are their home, too. Because traveling the world can feel very isolating, and probably makes most musicians feel pretty homesick. But not BTS! The boys feel right at home when they are surrounded by their fans. AW! Check out these tweets from die-hard fans.

BTS’ fifth Muster has a “Magic Shop” theme, which *just happens* to be a song off the band’s album from last year, Love Yourself: Teary (aka it was not a coincidence at all). Fans went wild for the poster they released in advance of their fan gathering. And. as you can see, Muster #5 is already going really well for BTS. We’re excited to see what comes next for these record-breaking boys!

The night before their big Muster, the city of Busan was lit up purple—the ARMY’s official color. Talk about a strong influence!