There’s 1 Quintessential Meaning At The Core Of BTS’ ‘Heartbeat’

Aramide Tinubu
Photo: Shutterstock.

It’s a new day, which means BTS is blessing us with new sounds. The meaning behind BTS’ “Heartbeat” will make the ARMY want to lean into the universe. If you didn’t know, our beloved Bangtan boys just released their epic new mobile game, BTS World, and they dropped a new single, “Heartbeat” to go along with it.

BTS World is an interactive mobile game that takes you back in time to 2012 and allows you to become BTS’ manager. The mission of the game is to make moves and sign deals that will hopefully thrust the guys into superstardom. Along with the actual goal of the game, BTS World also has 10,000 exclusive brand new photos and 100 video clips. Of course, BTS World has some fantastic music. The latest track, “Heartbeat” gets to the core of who BTS is a group.

Since the BTS World soundtrack doesn’t officially drop until June 28th, those who download the game right now are getting a sneak peek of “Heartbeat.” However, you must reach Chapter 1, Mission 14 in the game to hear it.

Because they love us, Twitter user @peachBOY_0613 translated the lyrics to “Heartbeat.” “Last line of the first verse is missing and RM’s verse possibly has many mistakes, we just listened by ear,” they said. Essentially, the song is all about destiny.

The first half of the song is about a deep longing for someone.

 leaves me feeling sea sick baby / It seems that the dream-like reality’s depth gives it to me / It spins me round and drives me crazy / It seems that i’m like the moon that rose at noon / If I had been alone / If maybe I had cried / I may have given up

But my heart’s still on fire / With a burning desire / I will find you again / Like destiny

I wish that you would love me / Just like yesterday, again / Without letting go of this hand / And every time my heart beats / Match your step with me again, so that I don’t wander anymore

I feel destiny you you you you you / I feel destiny me me me me me

When you hear my heartbeat baby / You give me new life you give me new birth / I feel your heartbeat away / I’ve been losing my mind / I’ve been driving my shine / And maybe for you I wasn’t ready made me / But you designated me and you resumed me / I’ve been calling your name in this universe / (Now I need no space) / Got universe done

However, the second half is about finding your destiny or guiding light.

Having met you / Feels like one piece of a drama / That was created by this universe / Countless wanderings / Roaming that I couldn’t see the end of

You who will guide me out of this labyrinth / You are my light and my salvation / Until the end of this labyrinth / I don’t want to let go of your hand

These guys always know how to pull at our heartstrings. So if you haven’t downloaded BTS World, what are you waiting for? You can also snag a T-Shirt from the BT21 x Uniqlo collection to slay your weekend in style.