The Grammys Just Snubbed BTS & These Tweets Prove The ARMY Is Not Here For It

Photo: Shutterstock.

We all know The Recording Academy doesn’t always have the finest standard for nominations, but judging by these BTS’ Grammys snub Twitter reactions, that doesn’t mean the ARMY was any less shocked by this year’s latest overlook. Fans of the record-breaking, chart-topping, altogether standout K-pop group, BTS, were eager to see the 2020 Grammys nominations list—it seemed, surely, BTS would make the cut. Perhaps for the (bestselling!) Album of the Year with Map of the Soul: Persona, or Best Music Video for their collaboration with Halsey on “Boy with Luv.” Much to everyone’s surprise, however, BTS was nowhere to be found on this year’s list of nominees.

The ARMY soon took to Twitter to air out their Grammy grievances—of which, let’s be honest, there are many. Not only did BTS get snubbed this year; plenty are discussing how women rappers were completely snubbed out of this year’s Best Rap Album category (Megan thee Stallion? Hello?) as well as the fact that Taylor Swift’s Lover wasn’t nominated for Album of the Year (#AOTY is trending on Twitter at the time of writing.) As for BTS, however, the ARMY is bringing a real lesson in class, despite their upset. With #ThisIsBTS trending, the ARMY has decided to highlight many of BTS’ accolades to date, and pour in with supportive and hopeful words that 2021’s Grammy Awards will recognize these recent Break the Internet stars instead.

Plenty have chimed in, including BTS frequent crossover collaborator, Halsey. “deleting and ignoring all negativity,” she wrote in her Tweet, “BTS deserved many nominations. I am however, unsurprised that they weren’t acknowledged. the US is so far behind on the whole movement. the time will come.” The ARMY is sure of it, too.

Here are some of the ARMY’s hottest (and kindest!) takes on this whole BTS Grammy snub debacle. Read on below: