Here Are All Of The Perks Of The BTS Global Official Fanclub

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Want to be a part of the BTS fun? The K-pop band—who is constantly trending on Twitter—has an epic fanbase. And the BTS Global Official ARMY Fanclub perks are pretty fab. BTS has done a great job of being able to connect with international fans through a really strong social media presence. Like I said, they’re always trending. But their social media and internet presence goes way beyond Twitter. In June, the seven band members launched an entirely new fan community called Weverse. It’s an ideal alternative to Daum fancafé which was a struggle for international fans considering it was entirely in Korean. Weverse allows fans to access exclusive content from the boy band and real-life BTS perks. So how do you become an official member? Well, we’ll tell you exactly how you can join BTS’ Global Official Fanclub. Because you can’t ~truly~ be a part of the ARMY without the inside scoops this, amiright? (OK just kidding you totally can, if you believe it you can do it. But just know that there are some pretty great perks if you decide to take a leap and sign up).

So, first thing’s first. What do you need to gain access?

  1. An account on the Weply app
  2. An account on the Weverse app *it must have the same username as your Weply account (so choose wisely, friends!)
  3. A Paypal account
  4. $30 for the cost of membership
  5. $18.23 for the cost of shipping

And what, you might ask, are they shipping? Oh, just you wait! They will send some incredible goodies your way once you sign up. Including, but not limited to a physical ARMY membership card, a membership kit, early access tickets and lottery opps for domestic BTS shows, and exclusive access to BTS Weverse Membership Only image, audio and video content.

The $30 registration fee is for a 12-month subscription but if you apply now through August 31, you’ll get an extra free month! They have a special registration event period going on from today, July 15 through August 31. So let’s say you decide to apply right now…you’ll get an extra month and a half for free!

bridesmaids Here Are All Of The Perks Of The BTS Global Official Fanclub



To start the registration process, just log in to BTS’ shop on Weply (*reminder* use the same user ID as the one you use on Weverse). Then click on the “GLOBAL OFFICIAL ARMY FANCLUB” card right at the top of the app. Tap that “Buy now” button after it takes you to the membership product page. Then you’ll enter all your personal info to register—also be sure that the name you enter matches your legal ID. Also heads up that Weply only accepts Korean credit cards but never fear! You can select PayPal as your payment option, so just log into that account.

For more details:

Bada-bing bada-boom!


After you’ve purchased your subscription to the ARMY Fanclub, you immediately have all-access to the entire digital space and everything it has to offer. And in order to gain that access, all you need is to do is log into the Weversre app.

Here’s how:

And guess what—once you purchase your membership, your ARMY Fanclub membership kit will ship out around August 31. And according to Weply’s announcement, it will arrive around mid-October.

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