BTS Just Broke The Internet With These Inspiring Quotes About Self-Love

Photo: Shutterstock.

As if PAPER’s “Break the Internet” series couldn’t get any more massive after profiling Kim Kardashian, it looks like the publication decided to tap into the fanbase that loves stronger and harder than any KUWTK follower: the ARMY. Lucky for them, the BTS “Break the Internet” self-love quotes included in the piece are sure to inspire both ARMY members and those (somehow) still unfamiliar with the iconic Korean music group. After all, if their comments prove anything, it’s that BTS’ impact is reaching far beyond the limits of their K-pop label. As per producer Steve Aoki, they are “the world’s most preeminent musical group,” and already well on their way to global pop sensation status. Which, when you think about it, should only make their sage words of advice and compassion all the more uplifting.

On the topic of their LOVE YOURSELF series, the group noted that “love” is the primary message they’ve aimed to convey for their fans all along. “Our LOVE YOURSELF series bears the message that “loving yourself is the beginning of true love. The “love” that we aim to convey can be both the individual experience and a message to our society today,” they explained as a group. It’s a message evident on their record-breaking songs and albums, such as their RIAA Platinum-certified single, “Boy With Luv” (featuring Halsey) (which also got them the most viewed video, music video, and K-pop music video on YouTube in under 24 hours), and their longest ever Billboard charting K-pop album, Love Yourself: Answer.

“We once saw somewhere that ‘being able to love is also an ability. If you don’t love yourself, you can never love anyone else,'” they added. “Reflecting on the ways you love yourself, we thought that this question could give the answer for many different aspects. We wanted to focus on that searching process and find the answers. [We] think LOVE YOURSELF has a positive impact. [We] also ask ourselves, “Do I really love myself?” So, [we] looked back one more time and put that notion into the lyrics,” they explained to PAPER.

If love is an action, it’s certainly one carried out by both BTS and the ARMY. And their global success is only a testament to this continued interest in compassion and confidence for anyone who listens.