BTS’ “Bangtan Attic” 6th Anniversary Video Celebration Was Beyond Epic

Photo: Shuterstock.

Every year the boys of BTS celebrate their anniversary by dropping an epic video of them discussing pretty much anything you could imagine. BTS’ sixth-anniversary “Bangtan Attic” video celebration was epic. They talked about everything from their childhoods to alcohol. The beginning of their video was focused heavily on the seven band member’s childhoods. They answered questions like, “How did you hang out?,” “What compliments did you receive?” and “Where was your secret hideout?” And with these answers, they were totally serving up a platter of nostalgia—something BTS’ fans (aka the ARMY) absolutely live for. Suga kept hilariously pointing out that today’s youngins would have no idea what he was talking about but LOL OK Suga—you are 26. It’s not like you were born in a time without electricity or running water!

This year’s anniversary celebration was a bit more low-key than years past, especially 2018’s dinner party which took place at a pop-up restaurant with fancy food and spirits. Jungkook addressed the difference early on in Bangtan, noting the lack of alcohol. “We don’t get any booze,” he says, while lifting a bottle of grape juice and orange juice. And the boys are casually seated on a floor with a table between them that has a few little snacks, like fruit, bread and Oreos (always a good choice).

ARMYs around the world will be excited to learn that this video is already subtitled in English. Normally, international fans have to wait for a multi-lingual ARMY tot translate for other fans. But not this time! You can enjoy the video right here and now.

And in case you want to feel really old—take a look at their first-anniversary celebration. Way back in 2014! Hard to believe they’ve been together for six years.