BTS Is Taking A 2-Month Long Hiatus But The Boys Aren’t Totally Disappearing On Us

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It’s been a hectic few years for J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Suga, and V, but now the Bangtan Boys are getting a much-deserved break. BTS’ 2-month break details are now out in the open for desperate ARMY members. Since Aug. 2018 until now, BTS has been working non-stop on their Love Yourself tour, with various appearances, releases and so much more.

Seriously, in the last several months alone they’ve released a ton of singles, had a collab with Uniqlo and even released some legendary dolls with Mattel. However, with news of a Jimin’s injured shoulder and the constant grind of the road–BTS deserves every piece of rest and relaxation that they can grasp on to.

Donga reported that the boys would be taking a much-needed break between August and September 2019 from “touring, performing, and potentially overworking themselves.” The ARMY is buzzing that BTS will be putting their music on the back burner for these weeks to focus on their families and friendships while relaxing and recharging.

But don’t freak out just yet.

Though the guys will be stepping away from the spotlight, The world of BTS doesn’t have any days off. Bangtan Bombs and their VLIVE streams will allow you to watch your favorite videos of the guys. Also, BTS World will still be at your fingertips as well as the guys’ Twitters and other Weverse and Weverse+ apps.

Also, just in case you thought BTS about to go on vacation completely, you should know that they will be taking this time to work on solo projects and “commercial shoots and content productions.”  The only time you will catch them performing is Aug 11 at Lotte Duty-Free Family Concert.

Rest up boys; we’ll be ready for you in Oct.–hopefully with new music and lots of purple hearts.

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