Bryan Cranston is Headed to HBO!

all the way Bryan Cranston HBO steven spielberg

Cranston as LBJ in the Tony-winning play “All the Way.” (Photo: Evgenia Eliseeva)

We get it: ‘Breaking Bad‘ is over, but that doesn’t make us—or any diehard fan—any less excited when its star Bryan Cranston does something. Anything, actually. Next up: Cranston will reprise his Tony-winning role as President Lyndon B. Johnson in HBO’s adaptation of Broadway’s “All the Way.” Oh, and Steven Spielberg will produce.

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According to Deadline, HBO Films has landed the rights to Robert Schenkkan’s play which last month won the Tony for best play and best leading actor for Cranston.

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The political drama offers a behind-the-scenes look at Johnson’s tumultuous first year in office—President Kennedy had just been assassinated, the Vietnam War was escalating, and opposing interests to launch his landmark civil rights bill had to be balanced.

No word on an air date, but you can bet that—between Cranston, Spielberg, and HBO—it’ll be a pretty big TV event.

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