Bryan Boy’s Gaysian Fashion Mafia


Bryan Boy poses with his Marc Jacobs BB Bag

There was a time when a fashion blogger being interviewed by The Wall Street Journal wouldve definitely had us all a little confused. But times have changed. In the past couple of years, crops of blogging stylish kids have become mini fashion moguls in their own right a select, worthy few even see serious dollar signs. Bryan Boy seems to be leading the pack, hauling in revenue from commercial contracts and online-advertising from companies like Net-a-Porter and Gap.

You really know youve made it when Marc Jacobs names a bag after you. Mr. Grey-Yambao, as the WSJ so formally refers to Bryan Boy, gushes all about he and Marc became fast friends, telling the mag, Marc sent me an email. I thought he was an imposter. Marc then emailed back with his phone number, and said: If you dont believe me just call me. So I called the number, and lo and behold, it was him. It was really him! Our friendship started after that. Were still waiting for our call MJ!

The fashion blogger club isnt the only exclusive group Bryan Boy is a part of. Some would say hes also part of a new group of influential Asians that have recently made a serious mark on the fashion industry, changing the game altogether. Bryan Boy tells WSJ that he likes to refer to them as his Gaysian Fashion Mafia. With names like Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim, Jason Wu and Prabal Gurung, you know thats one mob family you dont want to mess with.