Very Scientific Study Disproves the Old ‘Blondes Have More Fun’ Stereotype

Rachel Krause
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The foundation on which the old “blondes have more fun” adage was built has been a little bit shaky from the start; the phrase originated in an ad for Clairol hair dye, which makes it the 1960s equivalent of genuinely believing that Red Bull will give you wings.

Charles Darwin may have come close to disproving the theory in 1869, according to the Telegraph, and joining him in the opposition is dating site, which assists married people in finding other people with whom to cheat on their spouses. Fun! In a highly scientific poll of 1,000 men and women, the LinkedIn of extramarital affairs concluded that it’s brunettes who have more fun—in bed, at least.

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Of those polled, 58 percent said that brunettes of both sexes make for better lovers overall. Blondes got the short end of the stick in more ways than one, since they were also rated as the most likely to cheat. Pot, meet kettle. spokesman Christian Grant told the Daily Mail, “There is no doubt that blonde women get more interest from men on dating sites, but they are not likely to make the best lovers and they need watching carefully because they could be dating someone else at the same time. This new research … shows that brunettes might be the best options if you want to have fun on a date—and a great time in the bedroom.” Seems totally legit.

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