Brunch Boards Are Basically Breakfast Charcuterie & My Mouth Is Watering

Bella Gerard
Brunch Boards Are Basically Breakfast Charcuterie & My Mouth Is Watering
Photo: TheBakerMama

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Hi, I didn’t have brunch today and I desperately wanted to, so after spending half my morning scrolling through brunch-related hashtags on Instagram, I’m here to bring some brunch board ideas to your attention. What’s a brunch board, you ask? It’s more or less a platter of heaven—aka, a charcuterie-board-like spread of breakfast foods. Seriously, what more could you want?

Brunch and charcuterie are two universally loved food categories, so combining the two makes sense. Maegan Brown of TheBakerMama, whose brunch boards are some of the best on Instagram, certainly seems to think so. “Brunch boards are all the rage and rightfully so! They’re such an easy and beautiful way to bring people together, and they offer a delicious variety for everyone to enjoy,” she says.

While I don’t know of any restaurants that currently offer brunch boards on their menus (Um, @restaurants, do better!), assembling them at home is even better. Not only can you tailor your food lineup to your liking, but it’s also a super fun activity to piece together—and present—the perfect brunch board. “These boards have seriously created some of the most cherished moments around our dining table, whether it’s just our family or a houseful of friends,” shares Brown. “”Seeing the excitement and eagerness in everyone’s eyes as they approach a bountiful brunch board is what it’s all about.”

If you’re ready to DIY a brunch board of your own, check out TheBakerMama’s site for some board breakdowns and how-tos. Then, scroll on for all the brunch board inspo your hungry heart could ask for. Whether you’re a bacon and eggs person or a diehard pancake-lover, I guarantee your mouth will be watering.


Cakes Cakes Cakes

On a traditional charcuterie board, a river of salami breaks up the spread, but in the case of a brunch board, a pancake river does the trick.


Egg-cellent Spread

If you aren’t as into super-sweet, bready brunches, this egg spread with extra avocado will be your brunch board go-to.


French Toast Fantasy

Whoa, baby. This confirms that heaven looks like endless slabs of French toast surrounded by toppings.


Biscuit Brunchin’

Biscuits! Are! An! Underrated! Brunch! Necessity! I’m loving this build-a-biscuit-sandwich setup.


An Awful Lot Of Waffles

Two waffle mountains surrounded by toppings, plus a big vat of syrup? Don’t mind if I do.


Fried Chicken, Please

What’s a hearty breakfast without some fried chicken? This brunch board really has it all.


A Spread of Bagel Schmears

Me? Order one bagel with cream cheese schmear from my local deli? Yeah, no. I want this instead.


Baby Cakes

What’s cuter than full-size pancakes? Mini pancakes, obviously, which is why they deserve their very own brunch board.