Supermodel Brooklyn Decker on Why She Never Spends Valentine’s Day With Husband Andy Roddick

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Supermodel Brooklyn Decker on Why She Never Spends Valentine’s Day With Husband Andy Roddick
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In honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, Gillette is hosting the World’s Largest Shave & Kiss Event tomorrow in New York at the Time Warner Center, and the event will feature an appearance from established model and aspiring actress Brooklyn Decker. As a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, she’s nabbed quite a fan following—us among them!—and with recent roles on Fox’s “The New Girl” and the movie “Battleship,” it would seem Decker is just getting started.

We caught up with the supermodel today to chat about everything from her date night style to why she never spends Valentine’s Day with her husband Andy Roddick. Read on to hear about her upcoming event with Gillette, as well as her biggest recent splurge!

StyleCaster: When it comes to date night, how do you like to dress?

Brooklyn Decker: I’m definitely more of a tomboy than I am a feminine girl. If it’s a special day—like a birthday or holiday—I’ll try to make an effort and I’ll put on a dress, but generally, it’s just jeans and a T-shirt for me!

You’re married to former tennis star Andy Roddick. What’s been your most memorable Valentine’s Day together? 

Well, Valentine’s Day always falls over the same week as the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue reveal, so I’ve been with my girlfriends on Valentine’s Day for the past six years. It’s actually a really fun way to spend the day! Andy and I aren’t huge celebrators—I haven’t gotten him a great present, I should work on that!

What’s the nicest thing he’s ever done for you? 

I can’t share that! He’ll be embarrassed. That’s for me to know.

Tell us a little bit about your work with Gillette.

I’ve worked with Gillette in the past, and we did this really fun project called the Kiss and Tell experiment. We surveyed tons of women as to whether or not they preferred kissing a clean shaven guy or a stubbly guy. 85% of women said a clean shaven guy was more desirable, so tomorrow at Time Warner Center in New York we’re going to be helping guys out so they can get some action. We’re trying to break two records: The amount of kisses a couple can exchange in a minute, and the largest shave lesson in history. It’s funny to think there are already records for these, but there are!

Do you have anything in your closet that you’ll never get rid of? 

I’m a bit of a hoarder so I have a bit of a hard time getting rid of my clothes. I have an annual “gift to your girlfriends” thing. Lsat year I went to the Met Ball with Tory Burch and she gave me two pairs of fox-printed flats and I wear them all the time and I’ll never get rid of them. I also have this T-shirt that my dad actually made with paint and it has a racecar on it! I wear it all the time, it fits perfectly.

Do you have any recent splurges that you’re excited about? 

Way too many! I just bought a pair of Isabel Marant boots. I wear her stuff all the time. They’re sort of a flat motorcycle boot with stars on them.

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Brooklyn Decker at the "Battleship" premiere. 

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Brooklyn Decker at the "What To Expect When You're Expecting" premiere. 

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Brooklyn Decker at the Michael Kors Golden Heart Gala. 

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