This Mattress Is My Secret to Getting The Best Night’s Sleep—& It’s $200 Off

Katie Decker-Jacoby
This Mattress Is My Secret to Getting The Best Night’s Sleep—& It’s $200 Off
Photo: Brooklyn Bedding.

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I’ve only ever slept on two different mattresses for extended periods of time: my childhood twin-sized one and the twin XL brick that you can only find in a college dorm. Both are far from the standard I had always aspired to meet when I finally got a place of my own. Thankfully, the time finally came around to find one that would mark the start of my “grown-up” mattress journey. No more twin beds that felt like laying on top of rock hard slabs or ones that could barely fit my body.

Since reviewing products is my job, I decided to go for gold. Brooklyn Bedding hooked me up with a mattress that has given me nothing but uninterrupted sleep every night. I got the Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid mattress in the full size (small NYC space) and with medium firmness (not too hard, not too soft), and let me just tell you, my slumber has never been better. 

It’s actually hard to stay away from my bed, because the plush mattress (and my cloud-like bedding) is just so inviting and comfy. Even friends who have slept over have commented on how my sleep setup feels extra cozy.

There’s much more than meets the eye, though. Whether you’re moving to a new abode or are simply tired of tossing and turning all night, the Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid will help you feel well-rested in no time.

“I absolutely love my new bed,” wrote one of the many shoppers who gave the mattress a perfect five-star rating. “As a hot sleeper, it’s very cooling, and it’s been beyond comfortable—I haven’t slept this well in ages!

And I know what you’re thinking—the Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid has quite the hefty price tag, but if there’s anything you should splurge on, it’s everlasting nights of amazing sleep. Not to mention, the mattress is 20 percent off right now (a.k.a $200 cheaper). Just remember to enter code WINTER20 at checkout, and before the sale ends on January 25.

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Brooklyn Bedding Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Mattress

Photo: Brooklyn Bedding.

Here’s what makes this mattress a true MVP: It’s made up of six different layers of cushioning, including a top layer of patented CopperFlex foam that contours to my body, is antimicrobial and moves heat away from me, which is great for any hot sleeper. The other layers mold to my body’s every move and provide even more support.

I’m certainly not the only person who’s obsessed with this bed.  “The mattress itself is comfortable and supportive…but the best part?! It actually is not hot!” wrote one shopper who gave it a perfect rating. “FINALLY a bed that is comfortable for myself (side sleeper), my husband (back sleeper) and three dogs. It feels so nice to wake up rested, not sweaty, and without a backache. Buy. This. Bed.”

As for delivery and assembly, it was problem-free and easy. Though my box showed up pretty battered, the mattress itself came untouched and clean. The setting up part was much simpler than I expected it to be. All I had to do was roll out my mattress (preferably on top of your bed frame, if possible), tear the plastic covering, watch my mattress expand and then remove the plastic. It took its true form way quicker than I thought it would—20 minutes, to be exact—which was super convenient, since I needed to sleep on it that night.

For endless nights of quality sleep, I sure am happy to have this mattress to plop onto every night. And for my first “adult” apartment and “adult” bed, I’m pretty impressed and extremely thankful, because great sleep truly does make all the difference.

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