Brooke Mueller: Out of Hospital, Into Rehab


After it was reported Tuesday that Charlie Sheen‘s wife Brooke Mueller had gotten out of the hospital with a severe fever and possibly pneumonia, she headed straight to a North Carolina addiction rehab facility…get the interminable story here.

According to the latest report (TMZ), last week Mueller wasn’t actually sick from illness. Apparently her immune system was so worn down from all of her substance abuse that her body was unable to fight an infection triggered by a complication during oral surgery. (Mueller’s drug and alcohol abuse has been highly criticized in the weeks following her physical fight with hubby Charlie. It’s said she’s even undergone treatment for crack.)

Thus off she went for treatment, although there’s no word on how long she’ll be in this North Carolina drug and alcohol rehab facility. Also, no word on where Charlie Sheen is, although it’s more than likely he’s back at their Los Angeles home filming Two and a Half Men.

And by the way, who’s looking after their 10-month-old twins? Goodness. Meanwhile, Sheen’s ex-wife Denise Richards spilled the beans on Oprah yesterday about how Charlie called her collect from jail on Christmas after his mega-domestic violence incident with Brooke Mueller.

Contributed by Kristine Gasbarre.

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