Brooke Astor: Trial Comes to a Conclusion


Anthony Marshall, son of Brooke Astor, the late philanthropist and socialite who passed away in 2007, was convicted of larceny and conspiracy today after he forced his mother to make alterations to her will in his financial favor prior to her death.

Seventy-two different witnesses (among them Barbara Walters and Annette de la Renta, wife of designer Oscar de la Renta) testified to confirm that 105-year-old Astor who had Alzheimer’s Disease was not in a clear state of mind before her death and therefore not in a proper position to make changes to her will. If his plan succeeded, Marshall would have inherited Astor’s entire estate, worth almost $200 million.

While the verdict has been reached, it is not clear yet how long 85-year-old Marshall’s sentence will be, although he faces up to the rest of his life in prison.