Brody Jenner Just Reacted to His Ex-Wife Getting Pregnant So ‘Soon’ With Her New Boyfriend

Brody Jenner, Kaitlynn Carter
Photo: RE/Westcom/ Mega Agency.

MTV’s The Hills fans have waited to see Brody Jenner react to Kaitlyn Carter‘s pregnancy ever since his ex-wife announced the news in June, and now, we finally know how he really feels. In a new episode of The Hills: New Beginnings, Jenner revealed that he thinks it’s all a “little soon.”

The Princes of Malibu alum, 37, told his ex-wife that he heard “through the grapevine” that she was expecting her first child with her boyfriend, Kristopher Brock, after dating for just over a year. Jenner, who split from Carter in August 2019, went on to question her decision. “Listen, how well do you know this guy? You always told me how you want to be a mother, that’s your dream in life,” he told the New Hampshire native, 32. “I know for a fact you will be the best mother ever. I just want to make sure you’re with the right person.”

Jenner and Carter split in August 2019, one year after their wedding ceremony in Indonesia (the pair, however, were never legally married). According to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum, Carter’s pregnancy happened a “little quick.” As he explained during a confessional, “It’s just a little soon, but I don’t know. What’s done is done. I just hope that she’s making the right decision. Ultimately, I just want to see her happy. If I don’t think she’s making the right choice, I’ll definitely let her know that,” adding, “I think it’s a little quick that she’s pregnant already. That was quick. You never know.”

The Los Angeles native went on to repeat this opinion to his co-star, Audrina Patridge. “My main concern was him. Who is he? I’ve never met him,” he told the reality star. “I thought it was soon. I trust her judgment. I trust she knows what she’s doing.”

Carter responded to Jenner’s comments in a confessional of her own, noting that while she “appreciates” his concern, “there [were] six years of my life when I was waiting with Brody to have kids. That’s what I know I want, and that’s what Kris wants as well.”

The MTV personality announced her pregnancy news in June 2021 with an Instagram photo featuring a silhouette of her baby bump. While many fans were surprised by the news, Carter later confirmed that her pregnancy with Brock was planned. “For me, when I began dating again, I knew it was really important to me to find somebody that had the same goals and wanted the same things in life that I did,” Carter explained during a “HillsCast” podcast episode. “We got to the conversation about having kids and where we stood about all of that really quickly.” So, while it seems Carter and Jenner can agree on how “quick” things happened, only one of them seems to be having any doubts!

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