The Great White Way To Hollywood: 9 Stars Who’ve Conquered Stage & Screen

Spencer Cain

Last night marked one of the most entertaining awards shows of the year: the Tony Awards, which celebrates the best of Broadway. While many New Yorkers and Broadway buffs across the nation gets all worked up about the big night, the reaction across the rest of the world tends to be crickets. Broadway ticket prices are out of reach to many, and the excellence of the art form is often lost on an audience inundated by summer movie blockbusters.

That doesn’t meant that you, dear reader, shouldn’t have tuned in! Host Neil Patrick Harris, whom many of you know and love from CBS’ How I Met Your Mother, delivered an incredible performance as host, and a slew of high profile stars like Matthew Broderick lit up the stage. Call us biased, but sometimes some good old fashioned song and dance routines are a little more interesting than watching Kristen Stewart making out with herself.

While it may seem that your favorite Hollywood and TV stars fell into the craft simply by auditioning one day, that isn’t the case at all. In fact, many of the most hilarious actors got their start on the stage. Click through the gallery above for a look at nine stars who have mastered the transition between stage and screen.

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