Brittany Murphy Dies: A Look Back at Her Top 10 Films


Brittany Murphy passed away early this morning at age 32. While details still remain to be uncovered, it was reported that the actress went into cardiac arrest at her home in Los Angeles and was unable to be resuscitated. She will be deeply missed by the acting community as well as her friends and family. Here, we take a look back on the films that defined her career.

Clueless, 1995 (above):
The classic ’90s chick flick made the catch phrase “as if!” famous, and it also put Brittany Murphy on everyone’s radar. She played awkward high schooler Tai, who became a pet project to Alicia Silverstone’s Cher Horowitz.

Drop Dead Gorgeous, 1999:
The ironically titled film was one of Brittany Murphy’s first big movies after her Clueless debut. For anyone who loves pageants (or loves to make fun of them) this was a must-see, as it made satire of small-town pageant life and the lengths to which some contestants will go to win the gold.

Don’t Say a Word, 2001:
As Elisabeth Burrows, Murphy kept us on the edge of our seats in this crime thriller. The actress played a troubled teen suffering from post traumatic stress disorder–quite a different role from her earlier ’90s chick flicks. As a New York-based psychiatrist (played by Michael Douglas) struggles to find his kidnapped daughter, Murphy proves to be his only hope in reuniting with her.

Riding in Cars With Boys, 2001:
As Fay Forrester, Murphy played the support system to Drew Barrymore’s character who gets knocked up at age 16. This coming of age story based on the book of the same name, was the greatest lesson in contraception we’ve ever gotten.

8 Mile, 2002:
We can’t imagine what it must have been like playing new lover to infamous rapper Eminem–in a story loosely based off his own rise to fame, no less. Not surprisingly, Murphy admitted to having a short-lived off-screen romance with the rapper.

Just Married, 2003:
Murphy starred opposite Ashton Kutcher in this romantic comedy, in which the young couple marries against the wishes of Murphy’s character’s family. During their honeymoon in Europe, all hell breaks loose when her parents send her ex-boyfriend to break things up.

Uptown Girls, 2003:
In this heart-warming comedy, Murphy and Dakota Fanning (who currently stars in Twilight: New Moon) switch personas, so to speak. Murphy plays an adult who can’t seem to grow up, and Fanning plays a little girl who is beyond her years in maturity. In the end, both help each other in finding themselves and their appropriate age categories.

Little Black Book,
Lucky Murphy got to play girlfriend to sexy actor Ron Livingston for this film, who is infamously known for breaking up with Carrie Bradshaw over a post-it note on Sex and the City. Murphy’s role in the film gives us a lesson on everything not to do as a girlfriend.

Sin City, 2005:
Murphy’s first foray into the film noir genre set her amongst many big names in Hollywood such as Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, and Benicio Del Toro. However, she still made quite the impression as a cocktail waitress in a strip club with a deeply sexual and raspy drawl.

Happy Feet, 2006:
Working with such big names as Nicole Kidman and Robin Williams for the computer animated film, Happy Feet, must have been a thrill for Murphy. Luckily, as the voice of Gloria, she didn’t actually have to step foot in the arctic temperatures to play the adorable penguin.