Brittany Law: Featured Expert of The Day

Rachel Siegel

Today’s Featured Expert of “Ask an Expert, Be an Expert” is the ever so witty Brittany Law, editor-in-chief of Style Republic Magazine.

Miss Law is in charge of the editors blog over at Style Republic Magazine where she shares her wonderful and insightful thoughts on anything from today’s fashion trends, to the art for Lady Gaga’s new album booklet all while covering the fashionable events that happen right here in NYC!

“Ask an Expert, Be an Expert” is our snazzy new forum, found in theAdvice section,where you can ask any style, beauty, shopping or random questions and get answers from the community and our Featured Experts!

To post a question for Brittany head over to our advice section now, or for more information on Brittany and her bookmark worthy blog, check out her StyleCaster profile here.

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