8 Reasons Why Britney’s Officially Back, As Told Through Her ‘Work B-tch’ Video

Meghan Blalock

Britney Spears just released the music video for her song “Work B-tch,” and it is everything. It’s the first video in years that shows Britney anywhere near the way the public first got to know her—i.e., a tanned, blonde, and, frankly, sane girl who could dance her ass off.

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We watched the video (repeatedly, mind you) and came up with eight reasons why Britney’s back in a huge way. Our list follows.

1.Her body looks like this.

britney work bitch video 9

2. No really, she is really in shape.

britney work bitch video 6

3. She’s dancing on a white square in the middle of the desert, which we all know is a sign of ultimate pop queen-dom. (Beyoncé knows what we’re talking about.)

britney work bitch video 1

4. She’s whipping ladies right and left. Quite literally.

britney work bitch video 2

5. And she really looks amazing while doing it.

britney work bitch video 5

6. She brings back the classic Britney dance break, and she makes this face in the middle of it.

britney work bitch video 7

7. She’s given us another iconic dance move to do in the club!

britney work bitch

8. She has her own light-up “b-tch” sign. And again, just check out her physique.

britney work bitch video 4

Watch the full video below!