Britney Spears Is on a Manic Twitter Video-Posting Binge

Britney Spears Is on a Manic Twitter Video-Posting Binge
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Britney Spears is on some sort of epic, possibly manic Twitter video-posting binge, and we have just one question: Is she OK? The first one came a few days ago, complete with questionable raccoon-eye makeup and an overly happy demeanor, but the latest one, posted near midnight last night, is downright disturbing.

In the video, Brit dances and lip-syncs along to Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s “Nuthin’ But a G Thang” in the passenger seat of a car, looking way overly jazzed. Keep in mind that the Lifetime film about her life is coming out tomorrow, so maybe she’s feeling some feelings re: that.

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The older one is slightly less concerning, but no less bizarre. Brit informs her imaginary audience that when you’re in Malibu (where she has been on vacation with her boy toy, Sam Asghari), all you need is a book.

Well, we sincerely hope she’s OK. In the meantime, we do hope she posts more of these videos, because they are serious gems.

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