Britney Will ‘Probably Never Perform’ Again—Here’s Why She’s ‘Traumatized’

Britney Spears
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A change. Britney Spears is allegedly retiring from performing after her conservatorship. In a lengthy Instagram post, she revealed why she doesn’t want to perform again amid her feud with her children and ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Britney posted on September 11, 2022, on her Instagram about her feelings about performing again. “I’m pretty traumatized for life and yes I’m pissed as f–k and no I probably won’t perform again just because I’m stubborn and I will make my point,” she posted in the now-deleted caption. She also talked about the lack of creative control during her Las Vegas residencies and music videos. “I will be honest in the beginning 13 years of conservatorship like 8 videos I only like one — Work Bitch…the most offensive SO CALLED professional pictures on every tour…[T]he most offensive SO CALLED professional pictures on every tour. I mean they could have at least cheated and retouched them for me … just saying … 2 day shoots for new show in Vegas literally the worst ever … and me excited for the pictures for 5 months on tour … they never showed me any. I’d rather quit shit in my pool and shoot photos of myself in studios over working with the most offensive people in my life.”

She then called out her father and former conservator Jamie Spears for a Pepsi ad that made her look “80 years old.” “Kiss my God damn mother f–king ass you f–king bastard,” she concluded her post.  Britney Spears’ conservatorship ended after 13 years on November 12, 2021. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brenda J. Penny terminated Britney’s conservatorship after finding that Britney is capable of managing her own $60 million estate and determining that the circumstances that first led to the conservatorship in 2008 are no longer relevant.

Since then, Britney has been very vocal about the effects of the conservatorship and her family feud on her Instagram. Britney called out her brother Bryan Spears after reports came out that he was invited to her wedding with Sam Asghari, but could not make it due to family commitments. The pop star wrote on her Instagram on June 14, 2022, “You were never invited to my wedding. Do you honestly think I want my brother there who told me no to a Jack and coke for 4 years???” During her conservatorship, she claimed that Bryan would not let her drink alcohol. She continued, “You hurt me and you know it !!! and I might force myself to drink Jack tonight … look up at the moon and say F—K YOU !!!” Britney then reposted a reference to when her brother declared the end of her conservatorship in November 2021 as “Britdependence day” and said he was “proud” of the pop star. “GO F—K YOURSELF BRYAN,” Britney wrote after quoting Bryan’s caption. “F—k you.

Britney is currently embroiled in a feud between her children and her ex-husband Kevin Federline. The “Baby…One More Time” singer took to Instagram on September 2, 2022, to air out her thoughts about Jayden James’s interview where he revealed that his mom is posting for “attention.” “GEEEZ see it hits me later … the fact that I’m doing a song with Elton .. makes me wanna freaking cry … he’s me and my mother’s favorite musician … I listened to driving hours to dance class from 8 to 14 … see again WHHATT THHE F—–K !!! Wow wow, what an honor to be with such gifted hands !!! WE ALREADY KNOW !!! My son might give him a run for his money !!! ….I have soooooooo much footage of him playing … yep my children are freaking geniuses !!!” the “Baby…One More Time” the singer captioned the post referring to her new single “Hold Me Closer” with Elton John. “It’s kinda scary … he stopped seeing me … I posted something of him, but he got really mad so unfortunately, I haven’t been able to post my loving family… either way I’m so sorry children I continue to do social media … I’m sorry you feel I do it for attention … I’m sorry for the way you feel … but guess what ???? I’ve got news for you … I’m a child of God as well we all are in God’s eyes … so NOPE I’m not sorry … I’ve learned to say SO !!!”

A Mother’s Gift by Britney & Lynne Spears

"A Mother's Gift" by Britney Spears, Lynne Spears

Image: Courtesy of Delacorte Books.

For more about Britney Spears, read her 2001 book, A Mother’s Gift. The semi-autobiographical fiction novel, which was co-written with Britney’s mother Lynne Spears, follows Holly Faye Lovell, a 14-year-old girl from the small town of Biscay, Mississippi, who has dreams of becoming a singer. When Holly becomes the youngest student ever to win a scholarship to the prestigious Haverty School of Music, she must make a choice of whether to leave her mother, Wanda, behind or pursue her dreams. As Holly starts her new life and makes posh new friends, she finds herself embarrassed by her mom and their humble background, as Wanda struggles with a long-hidden secret that could destroy her bond with her daughter forever.

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