Britney Spears Looks Utterly Fresh Faced on Bazaar!

Kerry Pieri

Britney has not had an easy go, but if there’s anything America loves more than torturing someone who’s already down on their luck, it’s a comeback! Harper’s Bazaar is featuring the singer in time for the launch of her album, Femme Fatale (which is awesome, btw).

The interview is pretty vanilla and PR-friendly. Brit Brit talks her love for RiRi, “I love “S&M” and “Only Girl” by Rihanna; that’s why I jumped on the “S&M” remix. She’s really cool. I like her a lot.” Match. made. in. heaven.

She also loves the Biebs, Madonna, Gaga and J.Lo. Boring. As far as what people don’t know about Britney, “Im pretty normal, you know? Like I said, the type of day I love is just like everybody elses. Im like everybody else,” she explains. Oh, Brit the best part of you is that you’re so not normal.

Just for fun, the “Til The End of the World” video is below. Although, the Brit says, “I love to dance, so its very exciting. The tour rehearsals have been going really well. I think it will be my best show yet,” and we believe it will be a sick show, the dancing isn’t quite “I’m a Slave For You” level. You know?

For more photos and the full story, go to Harper’s Bazaar.

Photo credit: Alexi Lubomirski for Harpers Bazaar.