Britney Spears’ Ex-Husband Was Reportedly Part of the Pro-Trump Mob at the Capitol Riot

Jason Allen Alexander & Britney Spears
Photo: ©2005 RAMEY PHOTO/E / Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency.

Welp. It appears that Britney Spears’ ex Jason Allen Alexander attended Trump’s Capitol protest on January 6, and honestly, divorce has never looked so good. Fans of the “Gimme More” singer may remember Alexander—he was the guy married to Spears for a whopping 55 hours after their impromptu 2004 Las Vegas wedding. It seems safe to say he’s been making other bad decisions ever since!

Social media users first identified Alexander on Thursday, January 7, after a screenshot of a comment written by an alleged relative of his began circulating on Twitter. “YUP. I’m also processing the fact that dumbass cousins (who also married Britney Spears for 55 hours) is on Capitol Hill,” the comment read, “I’m really related to a domestic terrorist.” The comment was attached to a photo of what appeared to be Alexander wearing a beanie stitched with “45” on it. After some sleuthing, fans discovered that the man in the photo really was Britney’s ex-husband—he posted the selfie himself over on his public Facebook profile.

Alexander, who claims on Facebook that he’s a “journalist researcher at Conspiracy Theories and History,” fully identified himself as being “on the Trump train” while attending the Wednesday, January 6, riot on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. In a video posted to his Facebook profile from Capitol Hill, he wrote, “Where all my patriots I’m on the Trump train what will you tell your grandkids.” Devoid of grammar, and an insurrectionist! Looks like Spears really dodged a bullet with this one.

While it’s unclear if Alexander was part of the pro-Trump mob that later stormed the U.S. Capitol building, he seemed plenty proud to be a part of the “millions” (this is false) who showed up in an attempt to halt Congress from certifying the 2020 Presidential Election results. Judging from his profile, he also seems to be an ardent anti-masker: “I don’t wear a mask bc I don’t listen to tyrannical orders not voted on in a fair election,” reads one post shared to his account on December 14. “I don’t consent to the mark of the beast practices and I don’t value material shit and I’m locked and loaded ready to kill anyone or thing that trys to make me,, now cowboy up all you bitches….” Well, then.

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