Britney Spears Drops Dance-Ready New Single

There’s still one more week to go before Britney Spears releases Glory, her first new album in three years, but girl does not make fans wait. Late last night, she teased “Do You Wanna Come Over” on Instagram and told followers they could get the whole track when they preordered Glory on iTunes.

The booty-call-inspired song is sure to be a club hit and will be right at home in the Britney Spears oeuvre. Its lyrics speak directly to an unidentified person, asking them come over right now: “Wherever you want. / Wherever you need. / I do it, I do it. / Do you wanna come over?”

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Last week, she released another song off Glory “Clumsy,” and a month before, she dropped “Make Me.” Since the album will be out on August 26, we’re guessing there will be no more new releases, but we can hope. Until then, you can hear all of “Do You Wanna Come Over” below.