Britney Spears To Cover V, So We Look Back On Her Glory Days

Britney Spears To Cover V, So We Look Back On Her Glory Days
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Here’s a mildly embarrassing confession: Back in the early 2000s, I was really into Britney Spears. How into Britney Spears, you ask? I’ll tell you.

I collected her magazine covers, attempted to learn the dance routines in her music videos and downloaded all of her “b-sides” and obscure remixes on Napster. So yeah, I idolized her. But then I grew up a bit and the whole Kevin Federline debacle and subsequent train wreck happened, so I stopped keeping up with Ms. Spears’ shenanigans.

Though I don’t listen to her music much anymore, a little part of me is always proud when Britney scores something great, like her Pop cover last year or when she looked really fabulous in her video for Circus in 2009.

Now, she’s being honored with a V Magazine cover, shot by Mario Testino, which is pretty major. The glossy is taking to its Twitter (@vmagazine) to release the photos of the cover series piece by pieceor “Brit by bit,” as they like to call it.

As a Britney fan at heart, the anticipation is killing me, and since V70 doesn’t hit newsstands for a couple of days, I chose a few of her most memorable covers from years gone by to hold us over. Do these photos get anyone else feeling nostalgic?

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April, 1999: This is where is all began. On her first magazine cover, Brit Brit is clutching a Teletubbie and is stripped down to her skivvies. Thinking back on it, this is probably a rather good indication of the path her life and career would take in the next decade. Whatever, she looked cute.

November, 2001: Britney's first, and only, Vogue cover. There were rumors a couple of years ago that she was being shot for another, but according to E!, Anna Wintour said the pop star would never appear on a cover again  because "she's just not a Vogue kind of girl." Ouch—but kind of true.

November, 2003: I know the pose and the hair on this Esquire cover were vintage-inspired, but I don't really like either. Plus, the only other person to achieve this shade of orange is Snooki, and that was nearly seven years after this photo was taken. I have to admit that Brit was in killer shape, though!

September, 2007: This one's just totally weird, right? Thoughts?

August, 2008: Props to Britney for her confidence, but she's showing a little too much skin for my taste in this pregnant Harper's Bazaar photo shoot.

Fall/Winter 2010: This Pop cover, created in collaboration with Takashi Murakami and shot by Todd Cole, attempted to merge high fashion and Japanese manga culture. The result? Equal parts creepy and incredible.

January, 2010: Yay! Look how happy she looks and how adorable her kiddies are! When I saw this I thought, "Britney's back, bitch." And I was kind of right.

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