Here’s Why Britney Spears & Sam Asghari’s Zodiac Signs Keep Their Relationship Spicy

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Here’s Why Britney Spears & Sam Asghari’s Zodiac Signs Keep Their Relationship Spicy
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If you’re a fan of Britney Spears, you know she’s been through a lot. Between her divorce from ex-husband Kevin Fenderline and her battle to end her conservatorship, the world has been waiting for the day she finally gets to start living her best life! Luckily, when you consider Britney Spears and Sam Asghari’s zodiac signs and whether they’re astrologically compatible, there are so many reasons why the “Toxic”-singer is probably feeling happier than ever.

If you have a basic understanding of the art of relationship astrology, you might be convinced that Sam and Britney aren’t the right match. After all, Britney was born on December 2, 1981 at 1:30 a.m. in McComb, Mississippi, which makes her a Sagittarius through and through. Her beau, Sam—whom she officially married last month—was born on March 4, 1994 in Tehran, Iran, making him a Pisces. But if you know anything about wild, spontaneous and thrill-seeking Sagittarius, it’s that this fire sign isn’t usually compatible with the dreamy, emotional and watery nature of a Pisces. In astrology, these two zodiac signs form a square with each other, which can be a challenging alignment. However, without a little friction, any relationship will eventually grow dull!

Fortunately, Sam and Britney’s sun signs are just scratching the surface of their birth charts, which means there are *plenty* of reasons why these two can’t seem to keep their hands off each other. If you’re rooting for their relationship to work out, here’s why their synastry is proof that neither of them are losing interest anytime soon:

britney spears sam asghari Heres Why Britney Spears & Sam Asgharis Zodiac Signs Keep Their Relationship Spicy

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Britney Is A Sagittarius & Sam Is A Pisces

The reason Britney Spears looks so happy with Sam Asghari is because… well… she is! According to their relationship’s synastry chart, their attraction to each other is clear as day. For example, Britney’s Mars—planet of passion—is in Virgo, which is forming an opposition with Sam’s Venus—planet of romance—which happens to be in Pisces. Make no mistake—there’s a lot of raw sexual chemistry at work here! They’re constantly chasing each other like a cat and mouse game that never ends. Because of the tension simmering between them, these two definitely butt heads once in a while, but the hard times are more than worth it when the good times feel *so* good.

Sam’s love for Britney has been a key part of her growth and his support is helping her achieve her destiny.

In fact, there’s a reason these two have never parted ways since the moment they met! After all, Britney’s Venus in Capricorn forms an exact conjunction with Sam’s Uranus—planet of sudden insight—which proves they had an an instant attraction to one another. The words “love at first sight” come to mind for this pair of newlyweds, because their birth charts indicate that they saw each other and immediately wanted to get to know each other!

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Will Their Marriage Last?

If you’re wondering whether Sam and Britney’s relationship has the power to last, you’ve come to the right place! And because marriage is not easy, here’s what their relationship is up against: Britney’s sun in Sagittarius forms a square with Sam’s Saturn—planet of karma and longevity—which indicates a strong need for both partners to be willing to compromise and grow *with* each other rather than apart from each other. And because Sam has not yet experienced his Saturn return—which will begin around 2024—the first few years of their marriage might be a bit challenging as they both get used to their new normal.

However, there’s a natural magnetism between Britney and Sam, as though they’re drawn to each other by a cosmic force beyond their control! Because Sam’s Venus in Pisces forms a trine with Britney’s North Node of Destiny, he encourages her to become her best self. Sam’s love for Britney has been a key part of her growth and his support is helping her achieve her destiny. This is a man who was always destined to fall in love with the Princess of Pop.

And if you’re hoping that children are in the cards for this couple, you’re in luck! Sam’s Mercury, Mars and Saturn all fall into Britney’s fifth house of sex, pleasure and childbearing, which indicates an abundance of fertility in this relationship. Even though they haven’t had a child yet, the stars have made it clear that there’s so much potential for parenthood. After all, Saturn is the planet of fatherhood! And because Sam’s Saturn falls into the most fertile part of Britney’s chart, astrology is making it obvious that he would be an excellent father to their child.

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