Britney’s Agent Just Responded to Claims He’s ‘Brainwashing’ Her After She Said Her Team ‘Should Be in Jail’

Britney Spears
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For the first time since her conservatorship began, Britney Spears’ agent is speaking out. The “Toxic” singer’s talent agent, Cade Hudson, took to social media to address why he’s kept his “mouth shut” regarding Britney’s conservatorship all this time.

“I’ve kept my mouth shut for 12+ years on Britney. Enough is enough,” Hudson said in a private social media post, according to TMZ. “After getting thousands of death threats, getting water bottles thrown at my head in bars from bystanders telling me I’m brainwashing her – Britney lm now speaking up,” he added. Of course, this isn’t the first time that someone in Britney’s circle has described receiving backlash for not speaking up sooner. Britney’s sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, recently called out social media users for issuing “death threats” to her and her children following her belated response to Britney’s conservatorship court hearing in June.

Hudson’s statement, meanwhile, comes one month following Britney’s initial testimony, in which she declared that anyone who has had a part in her conservatorship—including her management—”should be in jail.” While Hudson didn’t respond directly to this claim, he did appear to support Britney in his lengthy post. The CAA, who is described as a longtime close friend of Britney’s by TMZ, described her conservatorship as “sexism at its best.”

“Britney who was accused of some errors as a new mom at 26 with 100 cameras in her face daily waiting to document any wrong move she did gets placed under a never-ending conservatorship?” he questioned, before noting that Britney’s case represents a “violation of someone’s basic human rights.”

The agent even seemed to suggest that Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, threatened him into silence. “I’ve kept my mouth shut out of the fear of losing my job as her agent and losing the career I worked my ass off for 15 years to build,” he said, “out of threats from the man we all know who, but I won’t even dignify mentioning his name. I’m officially done being quiet.” According to Hudson, however, he wasn’t the only one being silenced.

Hudson described someone else in Britney’s corner who has long been “silenced by the people around her.” To those “silencers,” Hudson insisted that “this person has her best interest at heart.” He added, “Even if people don’t see it now, it will come out. To the ones who should be worried, you know who you are too.”

TMZ reports that Hudson may have been referencing Britney’s former manager, Larry Rudolph, who resigned following Britney’s court hearing in June. Her former attorney, Sam Ingham, also quit in the wake of her testimony. A new lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, has since been hired onto Britney’s case at her request. “Her new attorney is the best of the best and knows that the work has just begun,” Hudson wrote, “But it’s progress and hope and that’s all we can ask for now until action can be taken.”

He concluded, “So for the first time, I’m publicly saying #FREEBRITNEY. It’s your time – the world is listening and is on your side,” he added, before writing: “It’s time to get my girl back. The world NEEDS you freed and back.”

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