Britney Doesn’t Look Great, But at Least She’s Funny (VIDEO)


Any music video that starts off with a Half Baked reference is an automatic winner. I’m humble enough to admit when I’m wrong, and I have to say that my initial impression from the 30-second teaser for “I Wanna Go” was way off. I’m still not down with the pink and black streaked hair, and I could do without the ripped up Mickey Mouse tee, but Britney’s awesome sense of humor in the video more than makes up for it granted the funniest part does take place within the first 40 seconds. But hey, I’m an easy sell that’s plenty of time for me to get me hooked.

After answering a series of blatantly absurd questions at a press conference, Brit gets fed up and quotes Scarface from Half Baked, yelling, “f*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck you, you’re cool, I’m out!” Watch the video below to see what other antics Britney has up her sleeves, some of which include grabbing a fan’s butt and flashing a little kid and a cop. But the best part of the video has to be the Crossroads 2: Cross Marder sign on the theater in the background. I love that after everything, Brit is still able to poke fun at herself and give us all a good laugh.