Britney Channels My Little Pony for Candie’s


If you’ve been following Michael Jackson coverage all day and want something to giggle about, (or if you haven’t given your computer screen a good blank stare in a while) take a look at Britney Spears’ new ads for Candie’s. You know, Candie’s? That tween clothing and shoe line that makes you think of bubblegum and rainbows? Take note that our favorite comeback pop princess is now 27 years old. The collection’s not exactly “If You Seek Amy” material, if you will.


The Daily Mail released the new campaign shots today, and here’s the recipe.:

1 part Britney Spears circa 2001
Add a few hits of acid.
A pinch of platinum hair dye (the good drugstore kind).
Mix in two Tbsp. of Photoshop and an exposed bra.
Add water.

Apparently this will make 15-year-olds everywhere run to Kohl’s to max out Daddy’s credit card…or to Toys ‘R’ Us to search frantically for My Little Ponies.