British Retailers Charging for Plastic Bags and Notice Decline


Since adding a tax on the purchasing of single-use plastic bags, British retailers like Tesco, National Trust, and Marks & Spencer have noticed a drastic decline in its usage, according to the Guardian. Some people eventually reuse these bags but more often than not, the final resting place is a cramped landfill with other non-recyclables.

Implementing the tax on single-use plastic bags in the United Kingdom led to a 50-80 percent decrease, showing that customers are willing to make a change to save Mother Earth. Retailers, designers and food markets alike offer customers eco-friendly options for carrying goods home for a nominal price.

Across the Atlantic, the trend of reusable bags is apparent and consumers are aware of their carbon footprint, but the concept of imposing fees on plastic bags has not gained the same momentum as it has in the U.K.