Bringing Back the Vamp


On this rainy, Hurricane-Kyle-dampened day, I can’t help but feel the first uncomfortable twinges of real advent of chilly fall weather. I tend to go into major denial at the end of every summer, thinking to myself, “Well, so what if it’s late September?! It’s still going to be warm until November, right? Right???”

Unfortunately, I usually get a rude awakening in the form of bad weather around early October and it always catches me by surprise (i.e. I’m still wearing sundresses and bright pink nail polish). It’s no different this time around–as I was walking to work this morning in the torrential downpour, I looked down at my cherry-red manicure and cringed, thinking, “This is all wrong.”

So, upon entering the office, I immediately started in on fall inspiration research and stumbled upon the backstage snapshot above of the Derek Lam fall 2008 show. And lo and behold, it made me feel better about the impending, inevitable fall transition. These girls look darkly glamorous, mysterious, dramatic in a way you can never quite pull off during lighter, sunnier months. I especially love the dark, dried-blood-red nail polish on Caroline Trentini on the far right. It reminds me of Chanel’s Vamp craze circa 1994. I love anything about the mid-90s so I’m beyond excited to bring back the Vamp. Time to make an appointment at the nail salon.