"Bring It On" is bringing it to Broadway.

There Must Be Some Toros In The Atmosphere: ‘Bring It On’ Heads To Broadway

Susie G

screen shot 2012 05 16 at 4 22 09 pm1 There Must Be Some Toros In The Atmosphere: Bring It On Heads To Broadway

Hold on to your spirit stick–a musical inspired by the cheerleading comedy flick Bring It On is heading to Broadway this summer with tons of poms-poms, high-flying jumps and jazz hands in tow. For a limited-time engagement (a.k.a. it will be only running from August to October of this year, with previews starting as early as July), you’ll get to see a live musical performance based off of the Kirsten Dunst film.

While the plot of the show doesn’t necessarily resemble the one seen in the flick from 2000, it is actually quite similar to the storyline of one of the four Bring It On sequels (yes, there were actually four sequels that all went straight to home video), called Bring It On: All or Nothing featuring HeroesHayden Panettiere and Beyonce‘s little sis Solange Knowles. Long story short, Hayden plays a cheerleading gal from a high school with tons of rich kids but gets suddenly transferred to a school on the “wrong side of the tracks” where Solange plays the stubborn cheerleading captain.

Except in the musical, the new school doesn’t have a cheerleading squad, but instead a hip hop dance crew.

Before hitting the Big Apple, the musical has already nationally-slash-internationally toured, making stops in cities like Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago and Toronto. Let’s see if the show’s musical take on the quirky comedy and choreographed acrobatic dance moves will be able to win over the city’s hardcore Broadway fans as well as all the tourists that will no doubt occupy Times Square this summer.

To get an idea of what’s in store, check out this montage footage from the musical down below:

[via Out Magazine via ArtBeats Blog]

[Photo by Universal Studios]

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