Bright Lights, Big City


While I am away snowboarding in Stowe this weekend, all of my friends and my entire family will be in Las Vegas watching the much anticipated Pacquio vs. De La Hoya match. Don’t be fooled by this blog; I know little about boxing besides what my boy besties, Walid and Eric tell me. And believe me, they have been talking about this boxing match for months since they were voted (only by me) Pacquio’s #1 Fans!

Apparently, every so often, boxing throws up a mouth-watering encounter between two brilliant individuals. And then occasionally it promises a freak show that is required viewing because anything could happen. This match-up is both. Mexican-American Oscar De La Hoya is one of the all-time greats, but now at the age of 35, he has lost more than he has won since 2003. The Filipino (were you wondering why my entire family is going?) Manny Pacquiao is 29 and rated the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world by The Ring magazine, but he is significantly lighter (by as much as 20 lb) and will start the night as the underdog.

I guess all of this hype has me a little excited about the fight but in a very obscure way.  All of my girlfriends have been asking me what they should wear. I’ve never been to a boxing match but I imagine that the scene will be a loud, rowdy packed arena of fans chanting for their favorite fighter at The MGM Grand. If I was actually going, I would definitely pull out all the stops and dress extra glitzy. This Foley + Corinna number would be perfect for the City of Lights. It would look amazing with a gorgeous vintage fur coat and strappy patent stiletto heels. I am OFFICIALLY jealous that I will be missing this opportunity to get fancy and watch boys beat each other up.

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