Bright Eyes May Retire in 2010


Saddle Creek Records president Robb Nansel told World-Herald today that Bright Eyes may be releasing its last album in 2010 before retiring the band. Lead singer Conor Oberst will continue to make music but no longer under the name Bright Eyes. Not only has he been actively pursuing his solo career, Oberst is also highly involved in Monsters of Folk— his musical side project with Jim James, M. Ward and Mike Mogis.

Oberst has explained to Rolling Stone previously that all things must come to an end and maybe it’s time to quietly say good-bye to Bright Eyes.

It’s kind of like when it’s finally time to stop putting stuffed animals on your bed. It’s hard to say goodbye but you know the time has come for you to move on without hard feelings. No doubt though that was still like the hardest day of freshman year at college… I mean… what?

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