Bride and Bride


I’m loving the playfulness of Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway at the Bride Wars premiere on Monday. They took the theme of their new movie and ran with it–Hathaway, wearing a Band of Outsiders tux, is clearly channeling a groom, while Hudson, in a gorgeous white Oscar de la Renta gown and Tiffany diamonds, is her lovely pretend-bride.

Rachel Zoe, who styled the duo, tells WWD, “Kate had this idea in her head. She wanted to play off the whole bridal theme of the movie and do full-on and do something over the top. It had the drama of a bridal gown but it wasn’t totally bridal. It was Annie’s idea to do a tuxedo and my initial reaction was that they were going to look like a bride and groom…and she liked that.”

Love it. It adds an entertaining element to the usual red-carpet garb, no?