Bridal Trends: What’s Happening for Bridesmaids


Spring has sprung and we are officially in prime wedding season. As a designer and a self-proclaimed expert in all things bridal, I would like to touch upon some recent trends in the area of dressing your bridesmaids.

When was it ever okay to show up to a party wearing the EXACT same outfit as someone else? Really, never. Why should it be any different with a bridal party? Say goodbye to the days of matchy-matchy dresses. Brides are starting to loosen up a bit when it comes to outfitting the wedding party. Here are the top 4 trends for this wedding seasonhaving bridesmaids rejoicing everywhere.

122659 1302879751 Bridal Trends: Whats Happening for Bridesmaids

Dresses by Painted Lady.

1. For the Stylish Bride with a Vision
Pick a designer color scheme and allow your bridesmaids to handle the rest. This is the perfect option for the stylish yet laid-back bride. She wants everyone to look and feel incredible so instead of picking one dress that (fingers crossed) looks good on everyone, she allows her bridesmaids the freedom to choose their own shade and style. Bridesmaids can express their own personal style, while still fitting into the overall look and feel of the wedding.

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122661 1302879768 Bridal Trends: Whats Happening for Bridesmaids

From left to right, dresses by Paola Frani, Jessica Simpson Collection, Nicole Miller, BHLDN, Asos, J. Crew, Madison Marcus, French Connection, Jay Godfrey.

2. For the Trusting, Laid-Back Bride
Pick a colorthats it! Brides are putting more trust in their bridesmaids to pick their own dresses. With crazy high expenses and fluctuating salaries, this is an easy-on-the-wallet solution. The bride already knows her girls are stylish! They can handle this!

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Dresses by Lulu Kate.

3. For the Structured and Sophisticated Bride

Pick the designer, color and fabrication and allow your bridesmaids to choose the style. For a more structured, sophisticated look, this one is tops. As much as we would love for all brides to be easy-breezy when it comes to picking dresses, some girls still want some sense of uniformity. This option is a great compromise and sure to flatter each bridesmaids best assets!

122663 1302879780 Bridal Trends: Whats Happening for Bridesmaids

Dresses by Painted Lady.

4. For the Destination Bride
Pick a convertible dress that can be worn multiple ways! For the bride that wants simplicity and a flowy fabric, this is an amazing option. These dresses are winkle-free, fabulous for destination weddings and so much fun to play around with! Wear it barefoot on the beach or dress it up with heels. Your bridesmaids will have a ball getting ready together, wrapping this convertible dress. Have fun with it and change your style mid-party!

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