Brian Williams Invades the Indie Scene


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Um… Well the music blogosphere just got a little more saturated as NBC’s Nightly News anchor Brian Williams launched his music blog BriTUNES today with Indie scene’s Deer Tick. Launched today BriTUNES is a web only music series where Brian Williams interviews his favorite young aspiring acts as well as established artists. Ooohhhh!!! I GET IT!!!! BRITUNES!!! I see what they did there…

Really? Brian Williams? Didn’t really see that one coming… Personally I really thought Brian Williams and his majestic voice would move in to the realm of at home yoga podcasts not a music blog with a pun for a title. But whatevs…

I honestly expected this video to point to the generation chasm between Brian Williams and Deer Tick. Like the time my mom learned what a “single release” was and used it roughly seventeen times in a span of eight minutes. However Brian Williams comes off very genuine and interested in the music scene. I’m curious to see who Williams picks to interview next!