Bresha Webb Is Here For More Than Just Laughs: EXCLUSIVE

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Bresha Webb

They say comedic acting is the hardest to master–but for some actors, it’s as instinctive as breathing. Bresha Webb’s comedic brilliance in Netflix’s Sextuplets is a marvel–but she isn’t new to this. The Baltimore native jumped headfirst into Hollywood in 2007, but she really found her footing when she was cast on BET’s Love That Girl! opposite Fresh Prince of Bel-Air alum Tatyana Ali in 2010. Since then–Webb’s projects have only gotten wittier and bolder, and her latest role opposite Marlon Wayans is one hell of a ride.

Sextuplets follows Alan (Wayans), an expectant father who grew up in the foster care system. After a discussion with his pregnant wife– Bresha Webb’s Marie–he decides to embark on a journey to find his family. However, he gets a lot more than he bargained for. On his quest, Alan comes face to face with a brother he never knew he had and four more siblings –sextuplets (all played by Wayans) who forever reshape what family means to him.

Ahead of the film’s debut on Netflix–STYLECASTER sat down to chat with Webb about the film, teaming back up with Wayans–her former co-star on Marlon and why she’s ready to switch things up.

Well before Webb signed on to the project–Marlon Wayans knew that he needed her for the role of Marie. “It’s actually so funny,” Webb laughed. “Marlon asked me to open up for him in New York when I was working on The Last O.G. and to come down to the Comedy Cellar. I opened up for him, and he was like, ‘Okay, now that I’ve got you here, I want you to play my wife.’ And I was like, ‘What are you talking about? That’s Essence [Atkins’] job!’ He told me about this movie and that he really wanted me for it. I knew it was going to be weird because on our show Marlon, I was so used to playing his nemesis. But he reassured me by saying, ‘I know you can do this and it’s gonna be weird– we’re going to kiss each other on the mouth, but it’s going to be fun.’ I loved the script, and it was an easy yes.”

marlon wayans bresha webb Bresha Webb Is Here For More Than Just Laughs: EXCLUSIVE

Image: Netflix.

When it comes to her craft, we’re used to seeing Webb rocking stilettoes and trading barbs with her co-stars. However, in Sextuplets–Marie is nine months pregnant, which added a very different element to Webb’s approach to the character. “I got to eat as many crafty snacks as I wanted and I never had to worry about my waistline,” the Baltimore native quipped. “Wearing the prosthetic belly was great, but the role in and of itself was so different for me. I know that Marlon and I have chemistry, but we really wanted to showcase this relationship. This is a wife who supports her husband to go on this journey while she’s nine months pregnant. We wanted to convey that this marriage was not just like a ‘naggy’ wife. They are actual friends–just like Marlon and I are friends. I wanted her to be personable and loving and supportive and also strong. She demands that he does what’s best for him. A lot of Alan’s journey is finding his voice.”

We’ve all seen Wayans’ White Chicks and Eddie Murphy’s The Nutty Professor–but 2019’s CGI abilities adds another layer of realism when watching actors who are playing multiple characters in one project. “[Marlon] has a good time when he’s in his characters,” Webb revealed. “It was funny to see him be Marlon in this Russell costume. And Dawn of course. Being Marlon in Dawn’s costume was also hysterical. It was just so funny to see him tackle all of them. It was just so compelling to watch him lose himself in every character. I was so impressed when I watched it all together because to be in the scene–and he’s going in, coming out as one person going in, coming out as another person. It’s a lot of hard work, but it seamlessly done.

Though comedy is in her soul–Webb’s roots are in drama. “I’m really looking forward to a movie I did with Tyler Perry,” she revealed. “It’s starring Cicely Tyson and Phylicia Rashad and Crystal Fox. It’s called A Fall From Grace. It’s going to be on Netflix as well. I’m not sure when it’s dropping, but you know Mr. Perry– He gets the, ‘I want to drop it tomorrow.’ bug and he does. I worked really hard and I’m really excited for people to see a different side of Bresha. I’m going back to where I first was discovered doing a lot of dramas.”

Also, I’m currently in Sherman’s Showcase. It’s a sketch comedy show based in a very soul train-esque world. I love playing characters. That’s one thing Marlon, and I have in common. He’s producing my one-woman show. It’s a live show, and the story is about my family. I play all of my characters. I’m excited for people just to see a different side and get lost in Bresha, in her characters. This is a nice introduction to that.”

Sextuplets is currently streaming on Netflix.