Editor’s Pick: A Makeup Bag for Die-Hard Beauty Fanatics


My name’s Perrie and I’m a compulsive beauty hoarder. Seriously, I amhere are photos of what my house looks like thanks to all my products, and that’s just a few drawers and shelves.

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Makeup makes me happy. Not the normal type of happy that comes with impulse-buying a new lipstick, but overwhelmingly, massively, inordinately elated. Although I don’t wear a ton on a daily basis, I’m constantly marveling at how even two or three products can fully transform my look—a darker brow, a bold lip, a warm bronzer—so I like to carry an arsenal with me at all times, which means a solid makeup bag is key.

I’m currently loving the selection by Breakups to Makeup—which refers to them as makeup clutches, leading me to believe these pouches are meant to be shown off. Specifically, I’m into the “Love Raised Me Lipstick Saved Me” bag (#truth.) More of a mascara girl? There’s also a version that says “I’d Cry But My Mascara is Designer.”

breakups to makeup bags

At $30, they’re not the cheapest bags on the block, but hey, some women freely dish out hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars on regular bags, so why shouldn’t beauty obsessives shell out on a pouch that houses our most prized possessions?

Breakups to Makeup Clutch, $30 each; at Breakups to Makeup