Breaking: Models Un-Photoshopped Pretty Much Just as Hot

Kerry Pieri
Breaking: Models Un-Photoshopped Pretty Much Just as Hot
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To launch Viva Model agency in London, girls ranging from Natalia Vodianova to Raquel Zimmermann got all crazy and agreed to be photographed in black and white images that would never be retouched.

The photos by Scott Trindle are of the ladies sans makeup and without the help of a stylist. Apparently, the girls went to Trindle’s London apartment in a bit of a “dodgy” area to be photographed. “The fear that surrounds an un-retouched image is quite amazing…So much can be adapted in post, and so I suppose the main benefit is its purity, ” the photographer explains to Vogue UK. I love that there’s actual fear around it.

Director of the agency, Natalie Hand was pleased with the results, “They were shot exactly as they were in person, exactly how they were when they walked through his door. And they looked really beautiful. The blemishes added to their charm. And you could definitely learn something about the model’s real character from the pictures.” Isn’t it nice to hear someone say that imperfections add character even when talking about absolutely perfect people?

I tend to think these little experiments work better with actresses because models really are the most flawless, not normal people on earth and I kind of like to think that they only look like that because of some solid work from the on-staff retoucher, regardless of having seen their insane beauty in person. Oh well.

[Vogue UK]

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