Bravo to Launch a New Fashion Reality Competition


Designing duo Dean and Dan Caten of DSquared are famous for their edgy, urban fashions that are equally appropriate for a rock concert, red carpet, outdoor sporting event, or city streets. The two can seamlessly merge satin and cargo, and artfully marry velvet and plaid, creating luxurious cool-kid ensembles. And now, they won’t just be collaborating fabrics, but artistic professionals with established designers on their new Bravo reality show, Launch My Line.

Starting in November, the brothers Caten will use their talent and expertise to guide aspiring designers who have found success in other fields, posing design challenges to these industry professionals (think stylists, fashion writers, event planners and music producers) who have always dreamed of having their own line. Each professional is matched with an established designer, and the winning team will see the realization of the contestant’s own line.


We can’t wait to watch the architect of Cuba Gooding, Jr.‘s home duke it out with one of Justin Timberlake‘s choreographers, or see Gwen Stefani‘s DJ compete with one of Kate Hudson‘s favorite jewelers. The dynamic between these successful artists and their partnered designer will make awesome tension and insight, all overseen by the ultimate bad-boy designers of DSquared.

Look out for the show on Bravo this November.