Bravo’s ‘Fashion Queens’ Pick the Oscars Best and Worst Dressed

Bravo’s ‘Fashion Queens’ Pick the Oscars Best and Worst Dressed
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If you’re an avid Bravo fan, you’re already familiar with Derek J and Miss Lawrence, two of the three hosts of the network’s late-night chat show “Fashion Queens.”

If you’re not clued in, these two—both of whom made several appearances on The Real Housewives of Atlanta—put their own unique spin on critiquing celebrity style, and the results are downright laugh-out-loud funny—and almost always spot on.

In honor of the 2015 Academy Awards, we tapped Derek and Miss Lawrence to each chose their top five best-dressed celebrities, and—of course—their five worst-dressed.

Let us know if you agree with their picks in the gallery above, and be sure to tune into “Fashion Queens” on Bravo every Sunday at 11:30 p.m.!

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Read on for Derek J's picks for the 5 best (and worst) dressed!

"Rosamund Pike was gorgeous in this red Givenchy dress—this is red done right. I love the details and texture,"

Scarlett Johansson was literally a jewel in this emerald green Versace dress. The edgy haircut was a bold move but works.

Zoe Saldana. I love the simple form-fitting Versace gown on her, the color along with the simple glam is radiant.

Jennifer Lopez was the belle of the ball in this nude Elie Saab dress. She is just stunning.

Felicity Jones looks amazing in this iced grey McQueen. Beautiful detailing on the bodice and neckline, and how it flows to the simple skirt—marvelous.

Derek J's 5 worst-dressed

Solange Knowles just look overwhelmed by fabric. It's just too much.

Marion Cotillard. I like this dress from the front, then she turned around and it was sad times. Well, at least she has extra cushion for sitting.

Zendaya looks very uncomfortable in this dress, like she's scared to move.

I'm on the fence about Lady Gaga's look. Lets just say it wasn't one of my favorites.

Anna Kendrick looks like she is going to the prom.  This is nothing glamorous about this look.


Read on for Miss Lawrence's picks for the 5 best (and worst) dressed

Reese Witherspoon

Tom Ford is always setting the tone of a spectacular red carpet evening. This elegant and CHIC black and white gown was EVERYTHING to me! It was extremely dainty and ladylike.

David Oyelowo
He has been one of  my favorite red carpet gentleman this season. It's no surprise that he moved me again in a beautiful cranberry suit with a CHOCOLATE UNDERLAY if you know what I mean.

Jennifer Lopez
Elie Saab, not the typical bodycon "MAMI" I'm used to. However, if you plan to wear a skin toned gown it's to be done like J Lo. It was full and very OPULENT. I especially loved the pop of beading!

Scarlett Johansson
Green Versace gown was a great choice! The fit was perfect and the overall look wasn't too much but it still made you KNOW it! (She's selling it)

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah was PULLED and SNATCHED to the GAWDS! Glam, gown, accessories and presence were on FLEEK! (THAT MEANS COMPLETE OVAHNESS)

Miss Lawrence's 5 worst-dressed

Nicole Kidman
I've seen Nicole BRING IT much better than this. Perhaps the RED belt threw everything off! The OVERALL look was way too whimsical.

Will I Am
WILL I DON'T think SO! Never should you show up to the Oscars as the NOMINEES referee! It's an award show not a game!

Anna Farris
Lemme say that her glam completely washed her out. She should experiment with another SHADE of blonde. And now the AWFUL dress... was she attending the Oscars or an audition for Cinderella?

Blanca Blanco
had this dress been a solid merlot she might've been able to SLIDE thru. However the fact that she looks like a RED CHILLI PEPPER, she must be EATEN ALIVE!

Lorelei Linklater
Her gown was WAY too BUSY!  It could have totally worked if she was attending one of Lady Fags "Holy Mountain" parties!

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