Brave New World


I’m a big fan of technology. I find it fascinating, actually. I made the career jump from a print magazine to a fashion website a couple of years ago, I’ve maintained a personal blog for about a year, I follow other people’s blogs religiously, and read instead of the print edition. Also, nerdy tech boys are super cute. The one frontier I haven’t traversed, however, is Twitter. I’ve never really understood the point of it all. One or two sentence updates on what you’re doing everyday?? All that comes to mind is the not-so-appealing thought of being “alerted” everytime that random girl from college eats a bowl of cereal.

But upon news that MAC Cosmetics will be “twittering” from backstage this fashion week, I caved and signed up for an account. I mean, if MAC thinks it’s cool, there’s probably something behind it, right? So. I still don’t really get it, but I’m trying to learn the ropes. Go to to start “following” me. And I promise I’ll refrain from updating you on my hourly food consumption. At least until holiday season.

Oh, and also, if you want to get minute-by-minute backstage updates from MAC, subscribe to their Twitter widget on their Facebook page.

Twitters, Facebooks, Tumblrs, oh my! When did we all get so technologically advanced?