Editor’s Pick: The Best Striped Crop Top—For $16

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To be honest, we’ve chosen to embrace the ever-divisive crop top trend on a case-by-case basis, and this version is a definite win thanks to its basic neck, seasonal long sleeves, and use of classic black and white.

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Unless you’re ready to embrace spring’s belly-baring trend (we still need a few weeks worth of crunches, thank you very much), might we suggest pairing this perfect crop top with a pair of high-waist dark jeans (we think these are the most flattering brand), black trousers, or skirt that—depending on the rise—will reveal a flattering (and chic!) sliver of midsection, or none at all if that’s your preference. A win-win, either way.

Oh, and the fact that this long-sleeve crop top clocks in at $16, well, it’s a win-win-win.

Brandy Melville May Top, $16; at Brandy Melville 

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