10 Easy Ways to Put a Creative Twist On the Braided Bun

Lauren Keller
10 Easy Ways to Put a Creative Twist On the Braided Bun
Photo: George Pimentel/Getty Images

Buns are pretty much the perfect way to wear your hair in the summer because they pull everything away from your sweaty face—but you can only do the same old bun so many times before it gets boring. When you add an easy braided style into the mix, however, you’ve got variety for days.

Whether it’s for a day at the beach or your cousin’s midsummer wedding, there are tons of ways to throw your hair into a stylish updo to look super cute while still beating the heat. While these Insta-worthy ‘dos kinda seem like a style only a professional could pull off, we’ve rounded up the 10 best YouTube tutorials from our favorite beauty bloggers to show you just how easy it is to get the look yourself.

1. Fishtail French Braided Bun by Missy Sue

Missy Sue is our go-to when it comes to braiding 101—this girl is a serious master at pulling together the prettiest braided ‘dos. In this tutorial, she shows us how to French fishtail (yes, that’s really a thing) your hair back into the cutest, girliest bun you’ve ever seen. It’s a perfect updo for your upcoming summer wedding, if you ask us.

2. Braided Bun Updo Tutorial for long or medium hair by Thalita Makes

Need to keep your hair out of your face at the gym? Thalita Ferraz shows us a flawless way to French braid your front pieces back. Take your bun up a notch with this super effective and super cute style.

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3. Beautiful Braided Bun by Abby Smith

Best selling author of The Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook and The New Braiding Handbook, hairstyle guru Abby Smith shows us the quickest way to get a bun ever—no one will know you just rolled out of bed. Know how to do a basic 3-plait braid? Perfect, that’s all you’ll need to get this updo in under two minutes.

4. Upside Down French Braid Bun by Luxy Hair

Practice definitely makes perfect with this effortlessly cool hairstyle. Leyla of Luxy Hair gives us the low down on how to get this business in the front, party in the back ballerina bun by showing you the step by step process. It can be a little tricky, but you’ll have YouTube Beauty Vlogger hair in no time after following this tutorial.

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5. Braided Topknot Tutorial by MakeupByAlli

Tying up a twisted topknot is every girls go to for a day at the beach, so why not sneak some braids in there to change it up? Beauty blogger Alli shows us a quick how-to on getting the look and stresses that it’s really all about playing around with your own hair so you can rock it however looks best on you.

6. Braided Bubble Bun Tutorial, Dance Hairstyles by Princess Hairstyles

This ultra cool upgrade on a sock bun is simpler than it looks, but your coworkers will definitely be questioning how you pulled it off. Grab a bun maker and get braiding.

7. Quick Easy Braided Bun Tutorial by Carli Bybel

Mega-famous beauty blogger Carli Bybel shows us her favorite way to get a cute everyday summertime style.  For a voluminous bun sans bun shaping donut, this cute and girly look only uses a couple of products to achieve this carefree ‘do.

8. Messy Bun with a Braided Wrap by The Small Things Blog

From wedding to work, professional hairstylist turned blogger Kate shows us how to get this versatile updo in just a few quick and easy steps. Adding small tips throughout the video for how to get the style just right, you’ll be shocked at just how easy it is to get this sleek look.

9. Lace Braided Bun by Cute Girls Hairstyles

The master of 5-minute braided hairstyles, this tutorial has all the tips and tricks you could ever need for lace-braiding your way to this amazing updo. Using the braid to shape the actual bun helps to keep the glamorous look in place all day.

10. Mixed Fishtail and Dutch Braid Messy Bun by Amber Fillerup

Combining three different braiding techniques, Amber Fillerup really puts your braiding skills to the test with this adorable braided messy bun. Pull the braids apart for a messier look, or keep things neat and tidy for a more formal occasion.

Originally published July 2015. Updated May 2017.