Brad Pitt Reportedly Buys $7.5 Million Yacht

Spencer Cain

It seems that global jetsetter and famous actor Brad Pitt has added to his bevy of pricey possessions (which include a slew of mansions around the world, a helicopter, and watches that are comfortably valued in the six-figure range). The Sun is reporting that Pitt shelled out 5 million pounds (which is around $7.5 million) for a luxury yacht.
Since Pitt has a family to support, including partner Angelina Jolie and their six children, he didn’t just whip out his checkbook without thinking. In order to responsibly cover the cost, the mega-rich Pitt sold a share of his French vineyard Château Miraval to an unknown buyer. As a side note, Pitt and Jolie launched a wine line from their vineyard, and the first offering sold out almost instantly.
Additionally, in order to justify the massive cost, Pitt turned to his good friend Paul Allen (who is the co-founder of Microsoft) who suggested that he could charter the yacht when he’s on location filming, for hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Not much is known about the new purchase, except that it’s around 75 feet long and is a classic sail yacht that sleeps eight—which is the perfect size for his clan. As the family routinely gallivants around Europe, they plan to use it in the South of France during the summers.
What do you think of Pitt’s latest purchase?

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