This Brad Pitt Look-Alike Looks So Much Like the Actor That He Was ‘Literally Stalked’ by Fans

Brad Pitt

It turns out that Brad Pitt‘s look-alike is also a father, single, and gets “hit on” often. The only difference? Well, aside from the fact that he’s not actually the Oscar-winning actor, he’s also sporting a different accent. That’s because Brad’s look-alike, Nathan Meads, is from the UK.

The 35-year-old based in Oxford, England, has a day job working as a groundworker, but he also takes on gigs as a Brad Pitt impersonator thanks to his uncanny resemblance to the 57-year-old Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood actor. According to Meads, people have made comments about his resemblance to Pitt all his life. “I was first told when I was 20 years old that I looked like Brad Pitt and this continued for about 10 years but I would always just laugh it off,” he told The New York Post in a report published on Wednesday, July 28.

“Some people would say I must be related to him or that my mum must have had an affair with him,” he joked. “A lot of people, even now, will do a double-take when they walk past me or will ask me for a picture, although some of them just take pictures without me realizing.”

But it wasn’t until three years ago that the father of two started making money as an impersonator. “While hundreds of people told me I looked like him, I never did anything about it but then it became a constant thing that, wherever I went, people would say it,” Meads explained. According to the site, Meads went on to send photos of himself to four look-alike agencies, which is when his work as a professional Brad Pitt doppelgänger began.

Moonlighting as the actor has earned Meads anywhere between $350 to $690 per gig, according to The New York Post, and has even landed him opportunities to collaborate with Angelina Jolie look-alikes. But has the single dad managed to find his own real-life Angie? According to Meads, dating just isn’t something he’s pursuing at the moment—especially after some unfortunate incidents involving women who would “literally start stalking” him over his resemblance to Pitt.

“I do get hit on by women a lot,” Meads explained. “Some of them just can’t believe how much I look like him and some of them accuse me of ‘catfishing.’ People always try and live video call me on my Instagram because they don’t think I’m real.” After these run-ins, Meads decided to scrap his dating profiles altogether. “I’m just staying single,” he added. “I’m not really looking for love anyway and don’t want to settle down as my daughters are my world and my biggest priority. I’m not looking for my Angelina.”

So, tough luck to any hopefuls out there, but it looks like this Brad Pitt look-alike is off the market—for now.

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